Starry Night at the Museum is a full-dome digital planetarium audiovisual. The image projected on the screen produces a unique immersive effect, which places the viewer into each scene. In this special environment, we invite you to enjoy the starry sky and reflect, from an interdisciplinary perspective on the invisible connections between science and art.

The program lasts 35 minutes and is made with a combination of techniques including 3D animation, photography, video and drawing scenes. In addition, several sequences featuring the projection of the sky with a realism hard to imagine. The soundtrack includes classical pieces, songs composed especially for the program and a variety of sound effects.

Starry Night at the Museum is a production of the Science Museums of Coruña (A Coruña City Council) in collaboration with the Science Museum of Valladolid, Pamplona Planetarium, the Museum of Science and Cosmos in Tenerife, the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, The Astronomical Parc Montsec and Eureka! Zientzia Museoa. Several professionals from these institutions as well as digital artists, musicians and sound engineers have worked in this production for over a year.

This program is partially funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology in the Call for Grants for the 2010 Program of scientific culture and innovation.